Запишитесь на демо Demo Самый быстрый и простой способ познакомиться:
  • Выясним, какая аналитика требуется для вашего проекта в зависимости от предстоящих задач.
  • Подберем оптимальный вариант: начиная от сквозной аналитики на базе Яндекс Метрики или Google Analytics 4 до продвинутой маркетинговой аналитики с моделями атрибуции и когортами.
  • Поможем считать CPL, CAC, AOV, LTV, ROAS, ДРР и ROMI.
  • Расскажем, как оптимизировать рекламу на целевых пользователей, используя информацию о сделках.
  • Отправим доступы к демо-кабинету с примерами отчетов.

Just choose source and place, where you going to operate with data

You do not need special skills or a development team for this.

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«ROMI center connectors save me energy — I spend less time on analytics. I make other important marketing decisions faster, more balanced and more correctly. In addition, with your logs I can quickly understand whether information was transferred for a specific lead or not. Thanks to such a tool, you can quickly understand whether there are discrepancies in the data.» — Maxim Baikovsky, head of marketing department at Convert Monster

Choose a destination for your data

Google Analytics 4

Set up end-to-end analytics in Google Analytics on your own and without a programmer. Analyze marketing performance, connecting Yandex.Direct, Facebook Ads*, amoCRM and other data.

Yandex. Metrica

Transfer data to Yandex.Metrica, bild end-to-end analytics for businesses with any budget. Just choose the required data: Yandex.Metrica reports, dashboards in Looker Studio or loading metrics in the database.

Advertising platforms

Optimize your ads to those who buy. Set up transferring data from CRM to pixels in advertising channels without a programmer.

Google Looker Studio

Set up an automatic transfer of data from popular advertising platforms and CRM to Looker Studio. Use report templates or develop your own.

Google BigQuery

Collect all your marketing data in Google BigQuery without development costs. Organize and combine metrics from different sources and get in reports only the data you need in reports.


Transfer advertising and sales metrics to one of the most popular database management systems. Don’t waste time and reduce costs organizing connections to different sources. Focus on reporting and data analytics.

Set up your own report with ROMI center templates

You will see indicators for all ad platforms and distribute the budget to increase sales: ROMI, ROI, LTV, CPC, CPA, and many other metrics that you need specifically for your business.

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End-to-end analytics in Looker Studio

Report configures in two steps. First, connect your advertising sources and CRM to Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica. Secondly, make a connection from the analytics system to Looker Studio. Use report templates for Looker Studio in your account or our Telegram-channel.

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Google Analytics reports
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Automatically link your costs, views, clicks from ad platforms and orders from CRM. Use the report «Non Google cost» to analyze costs and revenue and also dozens of other reports that include sales metrics.

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End-to-end analytics in Yandex.Metrica

Transfer ad costs and sales from CRM to Yandex.Metrica. Use the report «Sources, costs and ROI» to analyze the efficiency of advertising platforms.


«We tried 5 different services, but attempts to set up automatic transfer of advertising costs from Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics were unsuccessful. The data arrived incorrectly, or the integration did not work at all. We found the ROMI center and decided to try. With the help of support, we set up the integration and it worked immediately. The guys from the ROMI center also modified the script for our tasks for free. I have never seen such excellent support service in any other service. I recommend the ROMI center.» — Alexander Safonov, ppc advertising specialist at Kwork

Technical advantages of ROMI center

  • Checking data accuracy

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    Check the logs to ensure that the data was transferred correctly with the required metrics. We’ll also help you to set up connections and check that completed settings allow you to receive data without errors.

  • Guest accesses to projects

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    Do you need your marketer or client to connect an ad platform or CRM? You can invite an unlimited number of specialists to your project. They will only have access to set up connections.

  • Stay up to date with notifications on Telegram

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    We will notify you if there is an error in receiving or sending data. Set up a bot to quickly respond to any problems with your data.

  • Great technical support

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    A personal manager will communicate with you — he will quickly solve any problem. We also have a lot of written instructions in the knowledge base and videos in the Telegram channel.

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