Web indexing

What is a web indexing

Search engine algorithms help to index websites pages in search engines. They take cross-links, content relevance, and the site's thematic sections into account. Search bots need to understand how valuable the information is to the user who entered the search query. A website indexing allows detecting all of it.

We'll reveal how to set up your site to improve the search results and check all the metrics.

How the website indexing works

Since the time of Internet appearance, search engines have had to filter the search results. These were the times when the keyword site indexing came. Such a one-sided evaluation method led to the first search results being worthless web pages just filled with the necessary keywords.

Since then, many things have changed, and search robots have learned to evaluate sites by several parameters at once to obtain reliable information. Now, site indexing is free, and the site search rating depends solely on its quality.

To improve the website indexing for most sites, it is enough to consider the algorithm's requirements of the global search engine — Google. Adding a new website can be done automatically or manually. Let's consider the most common questions about site indexing.

How automatic website validation works

Automatic website indexing in search engines is carried out by web-crawlers, independently finding a website and analyzing its content, information relevance, links, traffic, user's time spent, and many other parameters. The presence of backlinks to the website on other webpages helps to start such verification.

Google web indexing: how to do it manually

Just register the website in the Google Search Console.

How to check the number of indexed pages

To find out how many web pages are in Google’s index, you need to enter the browser's address bar the value 'site: your URL'. Example -  'site:mysite.com'. 

Google website indexing: what's important to consider

In addition to registering in Google Search Console, you need to check up the sitemap and specify the necessary indexing parameters in the file Robots.txt.

How long does the web indexing take

It depends on the search engine. Google is the fastest engine that manages web indexing in about one week.

The specified time frame is quite nominal because the speed depends on many parameters. For example, it's faster to process additional pages of an already indexed website.

What does website re-indexing mean?

Re-indexing is a repeated webpage analysis performed by search engine algorithms. How often is this process going on? To a large extent, it depends on the website update's frequency. The more frequently new content appears on the website, the more attention the search robot takes to find the news.                                      

How to check banned website

Google may temporarily or permanently remove sites from its index. Web indexing issues may occur while Google indexed the website, and you have to quickly resolve it, ensuring that web pages are successfully indexed and listed in search results.

Google Search Console contains sections where you can see all problems found. For example, the system may ban web page indexing for security reasons or the non-validated domain.   

Some banned website pages from the web indexing will affect the displaying it in search results. The user will not see them when entering the target search query.

How to hide some web pages from search indexing

Sometimes you need to disable web indexing of some pages. You can do it by specifying their names in the robots.txt file. These are the possible cases when you need to do it:

  1. Duplicated pages;
  2. Maintenance pages;
  3. Technical sections to hide.

By using specific meta tags in the 'robots.txt' file, you can disable web indexing of any file or folder as well: 

User-agent: *

Disallow: /folder/file.php

Disallow: /folder/

Also, with 'noindex' and 'nofollow' tags, the search robots will not index content. So specifying these tags is the second way to hide content.

How to block site indexing completely

In some cases, you may need to remove the whole website from search engines databases. To do this, you need to write the following string in the 'robots.txt' file:    

User-agent: *
Disallow: /                                                                                                                                                        

How to check your web site indexing in search engines       

You can check the website indexing with:

  1. In the browser's address bar, enter the domain URL and 'site:' before it.
  2. Use built-in Google Search Console tools.
  3. Use online services such as RDS Bar or XSEO.in.

How to speed up the web indexing

Web indexing is a whole range of processes, and by improving the website’s quality, you can influence it. How to verify if a site is good enough for a search robot?

  • Search bots appreciate frequent content updates. You need to publish news regularly.
  • Fill in the 'sitemap.xml' and 'robots.txt' files correctly.
  • An SEO cornerstone is link indexing. Internal linking should be
  • enabled and external links added.
  • It is necessary to check for any errors on the website.
  • Web usability and quality content allow performing web indexing in the best way.
  • Review the website content and include keywords for any target query to display it.
  • Remove or hide duplicate content from web indexing.