ROMI center integration with myTarget

We automatically transfer data of your advertising campaigns from myTarget to Google Analytics

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What you can get with this integration

End-to-end analytics
Analyze bids, sales and other metrics in relation to the costs for each myTarget campaign
Data import in Google Analytics
Transmit impressions, clicks, and spending data of myTarget campaigns

What fields are transmitted

Google Analytics/End-to-end analytics

showsThe number of impressions (times when the ad was displayed to users)
clicksThe number of clicks on the ad
spentCharged amount

How it looks in reports

ROMI center end-to-end analytics dashboard
Report in Google Analytics

Simple setup and connection

Create a ROMI center account
Connecting data sources
Select connectors that will transmit data for the report
Use Google Analytics, Google Data Studio or ROMI center dashboards to display data


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