Costs and revenue import into Google Analytics

Set up end-to-end analytics powered by Google Analytics and learn all about ad performance. Connect Facebook Ads, AmoCRM, Yandex.Direct and other data sources quickly and without a programmer.

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Transfer data from popular advertising platforms and CRM

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What will the reports look like in Google Analytics now?

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Transfer social media and PPC advertisement data to your Google Analytics account and measure the effectiveness of ad sites.

Send sales data from CRM to Google Analytics and measure the ROI of your promotions.

  • Maximize your ad performance

    Collect accurate data and get informative reports, including costs from ad platforms and revenue from CRM. Find out how much money each channel brings. Reistribute your budget so that it will systematically increase profits.

  • Save time and money

    Set up data transfer on your own and only once. The end-to-end analytics system will work continuously and automatically collect the information you need. You will free up time for more important tasks.

4 easy steps to set up end-to-end analytics with Google Analytics

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    Register your account at ROMI center

  • 2

    Connect the necessary advertising channels, CRM and call tracking

  • 3

    Check for UTM tags in ad campaigns

  • 4

    Ready! Use Google Analytics to its fullest

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